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Button Impact Tester


Button Impact Tester determines of impact resistance of plastic sew-through flange buttons.


Product Details:

Button Impact Tester is completely made of Mild steel which is duly chrome plated for corrosion free life.

Standard impact ram of 840g is dropped from six predetermined height on a button. Steel latch is used for releasing the weight.

Operating procedure:

Place a button under the Ram, on the base plate.

Insert the Pin according to the height required.

Pull out the pin.

The ram will fall on the button.

Remove the ram.

Check the extent of damage of the button.

Technical Specifications:

Weight of Impact Ram: 840g

Predetermined Heights

- Height 1 : 32 MM

- Height 2: 44 MM

- Height 3: 67 MM

- Height 4: 83 MM

- Height 5: 95 MM

- Height 1: 117 MM

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].