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Table Loom - 8 Shaft


Specifications :

8 Shaft Capacity - Possibility to learn versatile designs like Dobby, Satin, Sateen, Etc., - "Easy to access levers" for shaft lifting.

Weaving width 24" (61cms) - Compactly designed to fit smaller space.

Overhead Beater - Innovative design to beat the weft perfectly with the fell line.

Steel Reed - 1 No. 10 dpi/12.5 dpi/16dpi.

Timber - Made of Lacquered Beach Hard Wood - Aged and Treated to stay away from fungal attacks for years.

Swedish Texsolv Heddles - Strong & Easy to use and soft on heads during drawing in and adding up additional heddles also possible.

Warping Frame - To make 10-11 Mtrs of warp.

Supplied with - 2 Nos. stick shuttles, Heddles Hook, Cross & Warp Sticks, Learn to weave on the table loom brooklet, Warping Frame.