Fabric Testing Equipments

Instruments Purpose

Beesley Balance

Yarn Count Balance

Yarn Count Balance 50 g Capacity

Yarn Count Balance - Digital (230 g Capacity)

Yarn Count Balance - Digital (600 g Capacity)

Digital Count Tester

Yarn Count Converter

To assess warp count - weft count

Colour Fastness Testing

To check colour fastness of textile materials

T Scale

To determine accurately and conveniently, the skew percentage of any kind of fabric - woven or knitted- both warp and weft way

Digital Pick Counter

Pick Glass Imported with Pointer and Light

Digital Traverse Thread Counter

Densimeters for Different Construction Range

Pick Glass with Light & Lens

Multi Magnifier With ​Scale

To determine no. of ends per inch and no. Picks per inch

GSM Testing Machine

GSM cutter- New model

GSM Cutter 38mm,60mm,113mm

GSM Cutter - 38 mm

GSM Weighing Balance

GSM Pocket Balance

To assess fabric gsm and fabric weight

Colour Matching Cabinet

Grey Scale


Colour Matching Standard Lamps

- Imported for all Indian & imported light boxes

Color matching and measurement
Pantone Products Fashion & home - quantifying each color

Shrinkage Template and Scale & Permanent Marker

pH Meter - Portable Waterproof (pocket type)

Shrinkage Template and Scale - 250mm X 250mm

Shrinkage Template and Scale - 350mm X 350mm

Shrinkage Template and Scale - 500mm X 500mm

To determine fabric shrinkage in warp way and weft way.

Binocular Microscope

Projection Microscope with Computer Compatibility

Microscopy Cross Section Kit

Lab Shaker & Wrist Shaker

Chemicals & Glassware

Physical identification and blend composition analysis of fibre/yarn/fabric

Crockmeter Manual

Crockmeter Digital

Grey Scale for Staining

Rotary Crockmeter

Color fastness to rubbing - dry and wet

Washing Fastness Tester ISO cum AATCC

Washing Fastness Tester as per AATCC

Washing Fastness Tester as per ISO

Grey Scale for Color Change

Color fastness to washing/dry cleaning


To assess color fastness against perspiration and sea water.

MBTL Light Fastness Tester

Blue Wool Standard

Grey Scale

To assess color fastness to sunlight

XENON Light Fastness Tester

Blue Wool Standard

Grey Scale

To assess color fastness against sunlight and weather conditions

Sublimation Tester

To assess color fastness and shrinkage against hot pressing and dry heat

Grey Scale

For grading color fastness or color change results from 1 to 5.

Tearing Strength Tester

To determine ballastic strength of textile fabric.

Fabric Inspection Machine

Fabric Rolling Machine

Fabric Relaxing Machine

Optical Tools Used For Fabric Inspection

Magnifier with Lens & Light

Physical fault measurement in fabric and counting of fabric length

Fabric Strength Testing Machine

Tensile Strength/Seam Slippage Tester - Digital Model

Computerised Model-for Tensile Strength Tester

To assess tensile strength & elongation of fabric under load+ seam slippage

Bursting Strength Tester -Analog

Bursting Strength Tester -Digital

To determine burting strength of woven /knitts

Conditioning Rack as per standards

Conditioning Chamber with Temperature/RH Settings

Sample conditioning before testing

Flammability Tester

To determine fire resistance properties of textile materials

Stiffness tester

To determine stiffness and bending properties of textile material

Martindale abrasion and pilling tester

Martindale abrasion tester

Random Pilling Tester

Digital Pilling Tester

ICI Pilling Tester 4 Station

Pilling Assessment Viewer

To determine fabric strength against abrasion and pilling

Fabric Thickness Tester - Analog / 0.001 mm

Fabric Thickness Tester - Analog / 0.01 mm

Fabric Thickness Tester - Digital / 0.001 mm

Fabric Thickness Tester - Digital / 0.01 mm

For fabric thickness measurement

Lab shaker and wrist shaker

Textile lab hot plate

Glassware and chemicals

Textile lab thermostir for simultaneous heating and stirring

Fabric and fibre blend analysis and composition testing

Crease Recovery Tester

To determine creasing properties of textile material

Wrinkle Recovery Tester

To determine wrinkle recovery properties

Spray Tester

Water Impact Penetration Tester

Water Penetration Resistance Tester

To determine water resistance and water penetration properties of textile fabric

Drape Meter

To evaluate draping parameters of fabric

Fabric extensiometer

Stretch and Recovery - Table top model

Stretch and Recovery - Wall Mount Type

Stretch and Recovery - 2 Station

To determine stretch and recovery properties of woven/knitts/ elastics/narrow fabrics

Air Permeability Tester

To determine property of fabric to permit air

pH Meter - Bench Model -ET

pH meter - Bench Model - WN

pH Meter - Portable Model Hanna

pH Meter - Portable Waterproof

pH meter - Plus- Portable Model Hanna

To determine pH values of textile fabric

Moisture Meter with detachable electrodes

To determine moisture content in garment /fabric/yarn/fibre


To find out percentage of starch content in sizing paste.

Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine

Open Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine

Water Bath - 6 Holes

Water Bath - 12 Holes

Print Durability Tester - Durawash

Dry Cleaning Machine

To prepare dyed samples of fabric/yarn/fibre

TDS /Conductivity/ dissolved oxygen meters

TDS Meter - Bench Model

TDS Meter Pocket Model 0 - 2000 ppm

TDS Meter Pocket Model 0 - 10 ppt

To test water during processing/dyeing/ETP plants

Cloth Folder

No Content

Color matching cabinet Jr - 1 Feet cabinet

No Content

Beaker Dyeing Machine - INFRA - RED

Table Top Beaker Dyeing Machine - HTHP

Beaker Dyeing Machine - Open Bath

Used for sample dyeing of fibre/yarn/fabric in lab conditions

Laboratory Jigger

Used for conducting dyeing trials under laboratory condition

Padding Mangle - Horizontal

Padding Mangle - Vertical

Used for conducting dyeing trials under laboratory condition