Garment Testing Equipments

Instruments Purpose
Button Snap Pull Tester

- Manual and as per H&M/GAPP/NIKE Models

To test pulling force strength required to detach any button/snap
Button Impact Tester To test the impact of load on the button from a distance
Imported Wascator

- As per European standard/US standard electrolux

Used in garment appearance test after repeated washes
Tumble Dryer Used in garment appearance test after repeated washes
Needle Detector Machine

Needle Detector Machine - Table Top

Needle Detector Machine - Hand Held - HASHIMA

Needle Detector Machine - Hand Held - Q Test

Needle Detector Machine - Motorised

To detect metal content /broken needle in garments

Peel Bond Strength Tester

Peel Bond Strength Tester - Digital

To measure bonding strength of fabric & interlining
Fabric / Garment pH Meter

Table Top Model

Hand Held Model

To know pH value in garments
Pantone Products Fashion & home - quantifying each color
Magnascope To identify defects in stitching /button /embroidery /weaving
Weighing Balance To weigh garment and count no. of pieces
Air Permeability Tester To measure fabric property to allow air to pass through it
Nickel Detection Kit To find out nickel presence
Chlorine and Non Chlorine Bleach Test To find out chlorine content
Colour Matching Cabinet

Grey Scale

Colour Matching Standard Lamps

Color matching and measurement
Moisture Meter To assess moisture content in garments
Textile Design Software To generate various designs in different weaves through software
Neck Stretch Gauge The instrument is suitable to check stretch ability of neck size of any knitted garment