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Laboratory Jigger


Used for conducting dyeing trials under laboratory condition.


  • Suitable for dyeing of Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Blended fabrics with dyestuff such as direct, acid, basic, azoics, reactive up to a temperature of 95 °C.
  • The operation of the Laboratory Jigger is fully automated through the microprocessor controller MC-9.
  • Fully automatic operation of temperature, direction reversal number of passes and fabric speed is controlled by MC-9.
  • Differential gear box for uniform speed. Adjustments for fabric tension. Table top model.
  • The dye bath and all parts that come in contact with dye liquor are made in SS 316 material.
  • The dye bath is with tapered section to keep the liquor volume low.
  • The fabrics carrier frame is easily removable for cleaning and threading the fabric.
  • A hood with inspection window on the dye bath, keep the liquor losses down.
  • (Optional) Dye liquor tank with 2 compartments for comparative results.
  • (Optional) Dye liquor tank with capacity 5 lit.
  • (Optional) Maximum diameter of the roller with fabric 150 mm when wound on one roller.

Related Standards:

  • IS 1963-1981;

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].