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SDC / AATCC Polyester Ballast


Polyester Ballast is available in 2 sizes of 30cm by 30cm or 20cm x 20cm. They are used to ensure that a wash load used for garment testing is of a sufficient weight. This closely simulates the washing of a garment in domestic washing machines. The 20cm x 20cm are designed to be used in the latest ISO 6330:2000 test method.

Available as per below :

100 % polyester - 20cm *20cm 20 pcs of each 50gms - total 1kg/box - SDC

50 % cotton &50% polyester - dummy 3 - 92cm*92cm - 1.8 pounds per pack of 10pcs

100 % cotton - AATCC 16 pcs per pack 1.8 pounds

Type1-AATCC (36*36",16pcs pk,w-4LBS,100% cotton)

Type3-AATCC (36*36",16pcs pk,w-4LBS,50% cotton,50% polyester)