Products Fabric Testing Equipment’s Water Penetration Resistance Tester

Water Penetration Resistance Tester


This instrument offers standard procedure for determining the resistance to water penetration.


  • The instrument detects ability of fabric to resists water penetration.
  • Increasing hydrostatic pressure method is used to determine the resistance to water penetration.
  • The pressure at which the first drop of water penetrates through the test specimen is to be determined.
  • Rubber gaskets are provided for water tight arrangement.
  • Valves are provided in the water line, for adjusting the rate of rise of pressure.
  • The pressure exerted on the test specimen is indicated on a digital pressure indicator.
  • Provision of peak pressure memory.
  • As per test standard AATCC 127.
  • Compressed air line is to be provided by the user.

Related Standards:

  • IS0 811-1981, NWSP 80.6, AATCC 127-2018;