Yarn Testing Equipments

Instruments Purpose

Count Sorter for Yarn Count - Digital Model

Yarn count converter

To assess yarn count

Single Yarn Strength & Elongation tester

Digital Model

Computerized Model

To assess yarn strength

CSP Analysis ( Combination of digital count tester and digital strength tester )

To assess CSP factor

Yarn Appearance Board Winder

Shade Card Winding Machine

For yarn appearence testing

Wrap Reel - Manual (10 Station)

Wrap Reel - Hand Driven - 10 station

Wrap Reel - Motorized (10 Station)

Wrap Reel - Motorized (5 Station)

To prepare lea/hank

Twist Tester - Single Yarn (Manually Operated)

Twist Tester - Double Yarn (Manually Operated)

Twist Tester - Electronic

Twist Tester - Computerised

To find out twist-TPM in yarn

Crimp Tester

To evalute crimp factor

Moisture Meter

Analog model

Digital model

To find out moisture percentage in cone/hank/spool

Yarn Abrasion Tester-resistance of yarn in wool/knitting/sewing/dyeing

To assess abrasion factor

Package Hardness Tester

Package Hardness Tester - Digital

Shore Hardness Tester - Analog - A type

Shore Hardness Tester - Digital - A type

Softness/hardness of cones/cheeses.

Yarn Tension Meter - Analog

Yarn Tension Meter - Digital

To assess tension on the yarn during manufacturing process


To find out the stretch percentage and recovery percentage

Yarn Splice Tester

To test splice strength


To assesss spindle speed


To assess moving speed

Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine HT HP

Sample dyeing of fibre/yarn/fabric

Table Top Beaker Dyeing Machine

Sample dyeing of fibre/yarn/fabric

Open Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine

Water Bath

Sample dyeing of fibre/yarn/fabric

Lea Strength Tester & Elongation Tester

Digital Model

Computerized Model

To assess lea strength

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